Powerball 8 billion won 'jackpot'? I'd rather buy a Korean casino site

The purchase of overseas lottery tickets is blowing. The temptation to win huge prizes from the 'class' with the Korean casino site makes the eyes and ears attractive. It is hard to expect 'one-shot life' in Korea, so I started to look at overseas lottery tickets.

Major overseas lotteries are 'Mega Million' and 'Powerball', which are the number-matching lotteries sold all over the US. In particular, the winning number of 23-33-53-56-58 and Megabol 6 last month caused a jackpot of $ 393 million (450.1 billion won).

In addition, Powerball recently spent more than 800 billion won on our money. In Korea, interest in this lottery is also explosive. As a result, the number of companies that use the Internet to purchase overseas lottery tickets has increased, and it is now known that there are about 10. However, the overseas lottery craze is more of a skeptical opinion than a "temporary fad" rather than an opportunity for ordinary people to reverse another life.

The purchase agency site itself is not a big problem. It is similar to the purchase of overseas straight goods from Amazon or eBay. When purchasing overseas lottery tickets through an agency site, there is a difference in that a fairly high rate of commission is required in addition to the price of the lottery ticket.

"The purchase of lottery tickets for overseas casino sites can be purchased in addition to the citizens and residents of the country (if they are 19 years old or older)," said S, a representative company for overseas lottery purchases in the US and Europe. Instead of visiting, we offer a service to purchase the lottery ticket and to support the payment of the prize money. " In addition, overseas lottery tickets can be purchased from at least five tickets two hours before the lottery. In particular, the winning lottery company announces that the prize money is up to 1 million USD (or 1 million EUR, about 1.13 billion won).

The winner tax is 44.173% for US lottery tickets (Powerball, Mega Million, New York Casino Site, Cash for Life, Take 5) over 600USD and European lotteries (Euro Jackpot, EuroMillion, El Gordo and Pirimitiva) A deduction of 20% when exceeding 2500 EUR. Overseas lottery prizes are subject to voluntary notification regardless of remittance.

According to our tax law, when you win a lottery of 300 million won or less, you pay 22% of the prize, and if it is over 300 million won, you have to pay 38% of the income. However, since the US lottery ticket already exceeds the domestic tax law, there is no additional tax to pay, but in the case of the European lottery ticket, an additional 18% is required.

MegaMillion and Powerball are the most popular on the lottery site. These two lotteries are similar to the way we won the casino site. MegaMillion draws 5 of the numbers from 1 to 56 first, and the last 6 is to draw again one of the numbers from 1 to 46. Powerball is similar. Draw five of the numbers from 1 to 69 first, and the last six draw one of the 26 power balls. Unlike other foreign lotteries where the process is unfamiliar and complicated, it is a very familiar lottery method for Koreans.

The odds of winning are mathematically speaking, Mega Million is one of 258,889,850, and Powerball is one of 192,220,1338. The Italian casino site is one of 626.161 million 4630 winners. Compared to the one billionth lot lottery ticket, Korean casino site is very likely to win the lottery. The probability of winning a casino site in Korea, which must match six of the 45 numbers, is one in 8,145,5060. Considering the probability of winning another lottery ticket, it is merely charming.